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** no charge for limited reports, subterranean termite treatment estimates, or fumigation estimates

THE TERMITE INSPECTION, properly referred to as a Wood Destroying Pest and Organism (WDO) inspection report, consists of a comprehensive examination of the entire interior and exterior of a structure in search of wood destroying pests and organisms.


  • The inspector must be able to access all of the exterior, including the roof structure (rafters, sheathing, fascia, etc.), as well as all rooms inside the structure
  • When applicable, inspection will include substructure area and attic; access covers of such areas should be exposed prior to inspection


  • If desired, the inspector should be able to discuss findings/recommendations with the agent/homeowner
  • Typically, a written report will be issued in one to two business days (copy of the report and all subsequent reports will be filed with the State of California Structural Pest Control Board)

NOTE: always order a termite inspection before a roof inspection, as the termite report might call to disrupt the roof covering with recommendations for a roofer to restore the roofing.

Original Report: This is a complete inspection of the entire structure as well as all attached structures. This is commonly used in the inspection of detached homes.

Limited Report: This is used upon request of inspection of only specific portion(s) of the structure. Commonly used in inspection of such structures as condominiums or town homes when we are asked to exclude an attached structure, such as a deck.

Supplemental Report:  This is used when, in the process of making repairs, further damage is discovered or when a further inspection area has been opened to allow inspection. This is not a separate report, but an extension of the original/limited report (similar to an addendum on a real estate contract).

Reinspection Report: This report is used when someone else performs work recommended on the original, limited, or supplemental reports, and there is always an additional charge for reinspection of work done by others.

NOTE: Reports expire after four months and at that point, work requires a new original report.

Section I: Actual infestation of, or caused by, wood destroying pest or organism

Section II: All conditions which lead to Section I, such as leaks that could cause fungus or earth-to-wood contacts that could attract Subterranean Termites.

Further Inspection (Unknown): This is used to define areas that were inaccessible to the inspector during the original inspection. Examples of this include storage in the garage, against the garage walls or tiles that need to be removed to see if fungus is growing behind them.

This is a statement issued by the Gauden Exterminating deeming a property free of infestation following completion of all Section I recommendations in the original report. This can be issued on an original/reinspection report and on a Notice of Completion issued by the Gauden Exterminating, and performance of Section II and further inspection items is not necessary for certification.

What Could it Mean?
Disclosure of all reports to all parties involved in the transaction is a requirement, and although it may sometimes be a good idea to get a second opinion, the second inspector may find things the original inspector did not see. All termite reports are public record and therefore available to anyone requesting a copy and paying the search fee for said reports. There may be legal repercussions for failing to disclose knowledge of a previous report.

REINSPECTIONS - What a Licensed Contractor Can and Can't Do
A licensed contractor can remove and replace damaged wood members infected or infested after identification by a state licensed Structural Pest Control Inspector. (Gauden Exterminating can both identify and replace/repair damaged wood!)  A licensed contractor can only apply fungicide to new, not existing, wood members.

WORK AUTHORIZATIONS - Notice of Completion and Non-Completion
A work authorization is the contract page of a termite report issued by companies regularly in the business of performing repairs. The cost for repairs recommended in the body of the report should be itemized on this page.
Authorized Real Estate agents may sign the work authorization on behalf of their clients, provided they have been granted legal authority to act as their clients' agent in the transaction.

According to the California's Mechanics Lien laws, clients have 90 days from completion of work to either close escrow and release funds or make arrangements for payment of outstanding balances. Otherwise, there is a strong chance that a Mechanics Lien will be filed against the subject property. If payment isn't received within 90 days of filing the lien, foreclosure procedures may be initiated against the property.

A Notice of Work Completed and Not Completed, commonly referred to as a Notice of Completion will be filed by Gauden Exterminating upon completion of all authorized repairs and/or treatments. It is not an inspection report and does not necessarily contain certification.


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