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Structural Repair

In many cases, wood destroying activity is not detected until damage is done.  Gauden Exterminating is a licensed general contractor that employs a staff of skilled carpenters to handle your structural repair demands.  Not only can we eliminate the infestations, we can restore the structure to its original condition.  We are large enough to accommodate your time frame demands, but small enough to truly care.
Repair and replace… showers, tile, linoleum, windows, doors, framing, siding, trim, plumbing, etc.

No charge for limited estimates or competitive bids.


Liability: Hiring an unlicensed handyman might save some money, but most homeowners aren't aware that the handyman they're hiring might not be insured. If injured on the job, the homeowner is 100% liable for the medical bills of the handyman and anyone else working under him on the job.

Building Permits: If the handyman does not pull a building permit for any structural repairs that need to be made, the homeowner will be held responsible (even after the sale of the property). This can eventually end up in court and might cost the homeowner even more than the original worth of the job.

Bonding: If the handyman isn't bonded, he is not responsible for any loss or damage caused while performing repairs. Homeowners should clarify any guarantees before entering into contract.

You Get What You Pay For: A small one man operation has little to lose in walking away from a problem he created and that problem could result in significant financial costs. It is also important to know that the termite company which issues the WDO report is not responsible for any damages or future problems that result from work done by a handyman. In short, shop value not price. What seems to be a bargain at first glance may need a second look.
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